Die Londoner Fighting Game Szene gilt im allgemeinen als sehr stark. Verständlich, wenn sich so viele Spieler in einer Stadt sammeln.

Edwin „Mr. E“ Chuah aus Großbritannien wurde als heisser Favorit für die Blazblue Krone gehandelt und galt als Geheimtipp für Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. Aber eigentlich waren alle davon überzeugt, dass Cranky seinen Titel verteidigt. Im Winners Finals verliert er jedoch mit seinem neuen Team (Zero/Morrigan/Dr. Doom) gegen Mr. E (Captain America/Spencer/Dr. Doom) und muss sich im Losers Finals gegen BudgetPlayerCadet erst wieder den Einzug in die Grand Finals erkämpfen. Nach einem souveränen Sieg  gegen BudgetPlayerCadet sieht das Runback gegen Mr. E deutlich besser aus, aber in kritischen Momenten verfehlt Cranky die Killcombo und muss sich schlußendlich doch geschlagen geben.

Platz 1 für Mr. E in Marvel!

Mr.E gibt das Startsignal für das Match gegen Mik

In BBCP wiederrum wird Mr. E in der dritten Runde (Semis) von DarkRTbone auf die Verliererseite geschickt. Dort schafft er es wieder bis in die sechste Runde (Losers Finals), verliert aber gegen seinen Landsmann DragonLordZ. Dieser versagt im Grand Finals trotz hochriskanter Aktionen gegen DarkRTBone und so müssen sich die Briten mit Platz 2 und 3 zufrieden geben.

Mr. E berichtet vom Spielniveau, BBCP in der Londoner Szene und wie man bei verrückten Roadtrips neue Seiten an Leuten entdeckt, die man schon komplett zu kennen glaubte.

Mr.E, you won Marvel! Did you expect that to happen?
I was not expecting it at all! I haven’t touched the game in about 2 months so this is a massive surprise!

You made me look pretty free. How did you feel about the level of Marvel at the FFM Rumble?
From what I’ve experienced from both playing and what I’ve seen, it feels like people are too used to following their set gameplan where they only change up at the character select screen rather than during a match. I think the guys here at FFM just haven’t played a wide enough variety of players as too many people are uncomfortable with the Captain America and Dr Doom matchup. Watching the stream archive, I was complimented way too much for my movement as that should be the standard at this point in time for Marvel.

Your main game is actually BBCP. How long have you been playing the game?
I’ve been playing it for about 3 weeks now as it took a week for my copy to arrive from Japan. I’ve been playing Blazblue since CT was out in US for consoles.

Do you see similarities between BBCP and Marvel? Or do you just like both games without specific reason?
I generally like games with air dashes. Some people might’ve noticed that I was playing a bit of Chaos Code and Melty Blood at Rumble. I also like to play JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle and I look forward to when it comes to Europe.

Der Wahnsinn steht ihm ins Gesicht geschrieben… Mr. E holt UMVC3 Platz1, BBCP Platz 3

Has BBCP revived the UK scene in general? Or has it always been strong?
Definitely! I can only speak for the London scene but there have been a few new faces that come to the weeklies at the arcade, The Heart Of Gaming. There is as well a lot of familiar faces who used to play it but didn’t really play Extend (myself included). A solid 15 or so people are on CP from London.

I’m not too familiar with outside of London but there are definitely quite a few people spread across the country playing online. Haven’t heard of any offline meetups/tournaments outside of London but I know there are quite a few players out there who at least play online.

There’s only a certain robot in disguise player we have yet to see return…

You came with a big group from UK, so that must have been quite road trip… did anything crazy happen?
A lot of crazy things have happened probably too many to fit in this interview!

One crazy thing that happened was that we had to catch a night bus in London to get to the airport so I decided to catch up with some sleep on the way. Suddenly I was woken up by our bus driver shouting to a random driver in the car next to us, „WE ARE LOST! DO YOU KNOW WHICH WAY IT IS TO STANSTED AIRPORT?“

It ended up that AngelDarkSong had to teach him how to use his GPS to avoid motorways (highways) due to a lorry being on fire.

Then the salt induces. He had to sit next to the driver throughout the journey while me and Frost could see he was trying his best to be nice to him. Angel’s Twitter shows a completely different side to him.


That was definitely the highlight of the journey but there were a few other crazy things from seeing a Lion statue that just looks like it just got Tager buster’d, the Burger Hospital and for the first time experiencing seeing Firei from Nth Gen without his hat. So Swag.

Is it more fun to play abroad and travel with a group or play at home?
Playing at home is just crap. You’re relying on your connection to be consistently good with others and it takes ages to get into rematches.

This is the first time I’ve travelled abroad with a group where it is so hilarious to see another side to your friends when thrown in a different country.

On your way to third place you had to beat Zouf, ZakOnestar, Tritri and ZakOnestar again. Who was the toughest opponent?

It’s got to be the second time I played Zak. I play with him pretty frequently back in UK and he usually is the one bodying me. I had to resort to a few crazy things to help lighten the mood for me as there was a lot of pressure on the both of us. I ended up doing things like getting colours for our characters only for me to „accidentally“ use the last bit of money on Tager’s colours when I was „supposed“ to pick Litchi.

You already had to play DarkRTBone’s Azrael in third round winners already. Do you feel like you could have won the match?
There’s always the thought that if „I could do one thing different that I would’ve won“, but there’s a saying in the London Marvel scene „Would of, could of, should of“ which basically means there’s no point making excuses on why I could’ve won.

Dark is a brilliant player who used Azrael’s spacing really well and deserved to go on to win the tournament. I definitely hope he keeps it up as I would like to play him again in the near future where I aim to make sure that I come out on top.

Is it hard to deal with a brand new character in terms of matchup compared to a more established archetype like Ragna?

Honestly, it makes no difference whether it is a new character or not in a new game. Old characters have had a lot of changes like different properties on certain moves, new moves and even complete character overhaul change a character that plays very different to before such as Nu-13.

As long as you can find players who use these new characters, people should have an idea on the matchup and be pretty comfortable with what they are doing in 2 weeks which is more than enough time between the release of CP and FFM Rumble.

In the end, DragonLordZ beat you to advance to grand finals. Do you think he had a better shot than you at taking down DarkRTBone?

Matchup-wise I think I had the advantage using Jin however DLZ has always been the better player than I am before CP so really, it is impossible to tell who would’ve done better without going back in time and me beating DLZ to go through.

What is up with DragonLordZ downing the bottle in one gulp? Is that his special power up move?
That’s just him going into Furinkazan. Fanta is the same colour so it gets in his bloodstream to make it all golden and sparkly.

DragonLordZ Powerup

What would you do different next time?
Absolutely nothing. I had a great time and I did a lot better than I thought I would.

Maybe brush up on my German a bit more so I could read what the Tager buster’d Lion was about.

And will there be a next time at all? What do you think about the German FGC in terms of hospitality, accomodations, hype,…?

I’ll be back if Rumble will be back! Even if BB or Marvel isn’t in the line up, I’d like to take on players like DarkRTBone again as well as meet everyone again.

Brilliant hospitality from everyone especially Banker and MrCookTM for hosting the event and putting up with all of us! The hype was brilliant where I hope that it will be a bigger venue so more people come!

Shoutouts to all the UK guys that came to Rumble as that made Germany a hell of a lot more fun!

Special shoutouts to AtTheGates who had let Frost stay at his place, that was very kind of him!

Also a special mention to Espada Jerome for coming up with the Marvel victory dance!

It was great seeing so many people from all over Europe there so shoutouts to the German, Swedish, Dutch and all the other countries I missed out for taking the time and effort to come down and have a blast!

I look forward to the next Rumble!